Lapyk is a volcanic stone treated with polychrome through special techniques refined and studied in our laboratories. Having been fired at more than 1000°C, Lapyk is scratch resistance material, UV stable, no fading of colors, waterproof and high resistance to stains and acids. Lapyk is considered an eternal material and it’s extremely versatile and can be used in any environment : exterior, interior, facades,wall and floor coverings, pools, spa, kitchen countertops, furniture. Lapyk is a totally custom made material, can be in any shape and any colors.
The new material from E90 is unique in terms of design and realization.
- Scratch, high temperature, acids and stains resistant
- Custom made sizes and any shape
- Custom made colors
- Internal and external flooring
- Walls and façade
- Pools
- Spa
- Bespoke furniture
- Kitchen counter tops
- Vanity units