The Teknotop® trademark was born from the collaboration of two great companies; Cosentino, with its range of Silestone® materials (composed of quartz) and E90. This is how a unique synergy was born giving life, shape and colour to the desires of our customers. Cosentino, identified as a world leader in the production of quartz slabs, realised that the E90 Group was the ideal partner for the transformation of Silestone® brand products. Teknotop® presents its collection of quartz kitchen worktops, proposing itself as a benchmark in the market for those who want to rely on a specialised company well-established for years in the industry with the goal of developing and advancing innovative projects. Silestone® quartz, one of the most elegant and resistant materials existing in nature, combined with production and organisational skills typical of Teknotop®, allows offering the best collection of kitchen tops available on the market today featuring the most innovative technical and aesthetic solutions: Absolute customisation, Wide range of colours, finishes and technical solutions, Maxi sizes, Scratch and shock resistance, Stain resistance, Ease of use and cleaning, Highly hygienic: 100% antibacterial, 10 year Silestone® warranty, Teknotop® service and support.