The various settings featuring Mirus bathrooms give you a taste of three styles: Impero, Liberty and Design. Marble and stone have always played an important part in the lives of men, marking our progress and a sign of wellbeing. The Bathroom range by Mirus is the result of the careful selection of natural materials whose characteristic colours and design are the best way to achieve a practical but comfortable bathroom with a unique and elegant design to enjoy day after day.

Different spaces, different emotions: warmth and hospitality. A place where it is possible to share, with the people we love, the beauty of a warm and welcoming setting. Never predictable, but the result of thoughtful and highly personal choices. Mirus proposals for living areas, are moving in this direction. Large sizes, textures with great visual impact, durable materials intended to impact time and space for many years to come.

Indoors to outdoors. People who love having a choice, always make good use of the options available and never leave anything to chance. Mirus Outdoor is a selection of new, exclusive and hardwearing stones available in two non-slip, technical surface finishes, whose special construction is the result of painstaking research in the test laboratory at E90 and specifically studied for use outdoors.